Indoor (Winter) Field Hockey

Indoor Stick (optional, you can use your outdoor stick): Indoor sticks are lighter and thinner because you can’t drive or lift the ball.

Gloves (optional): All players should wear gloves because the game is played extremely low to the ground.

Required to play: Stick, mouth guard, shin guard, sneakers

Outdoor (Spring & Summer) Field Hockey:

Glove (optional for advanced players who play Defense):

Turf shoes (optional, sneakers are okay too):  Turf shoes are recommended so players don’t slip on the turf which can lead to falling or injury 

Stick: Stick height is measured in inches from the ground to your hip bone

Shin Guards: This type of shin guard is best because it protects the ankle and shin better than others. You need to wear socks over these.

Mouth Guard: Any.

Required to play: stick, shin guards, mouth guard

*Goggles are not permitted to be worn in club play.

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