Private Lessons

Aim has partnered with the NYA, Newtown Youth Academy. The NYA trainer, Will Werner,  will be running our strength & conditioning sessions this year. 

Before each practice, join our team trainer in the weight room. We will get stronger and faster together! 

A note from our Trainer, Will: 

After obtaining a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, Will went on to work at NYA Sports Fitness to run dozens of clinics and programs for young athletes for developing power, strength, and conditioning along with speed and agility. With over eight years of training everyone from marathon runners to young athletes in several major team sports, international sumo wrestlers, martial artists, BMX competitors, and mountaineers, Will is currently training clients in one-on-one, small groups and in team-wide athletic programs.

Will's Training Philosophy: “Everyone knows intensity is a key factor in training, but it takes time and practice to know how far you can truly push your body. To listen to your own body is key in finding that point at which you can't go further yet the beauty lies in how your limit never has to stay the same. Every single day you can improve. Every single day you can also find yourself hitting a wall if you feel that progress isn't fast enough. There are so many ways to train and what powerlifting legend Louis Simmons once said, ‘Everything works, but nothing works forever’, rings truer than ever in this regard. Everyone needs guidance at some point in their training careers. A second perspective is one of the most powerful keys to success in getting the physique and fitness you so deeply want. “

Please stay knowledgeable about fueling your athlete: An Athletes Guide to Nutrient Timing

Lessons with Amy are offered all year round. Lessons can be 1 on 1 or small group. Location and times are determined by the athlete and Amy. Price ranges from $50-$100 per 45 minutes depending on location and number of girls. For more details, contact Amy at 302.463.6531 or aimathletes@gmail.com

Strength & COnditioning