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Mentor Program

Having a sense of community and family is paramount in our club. This winter will be our 2nd year having a mentor program for our athletes.

The focus of this program is on collegiate recruiting and goal setting.

Hear what our players have to say

"Being a mentor has been such a great experience! I have gotten the chance to watch my mentee grow and develop into a better player, as well as my mentee supporting me during my games!"-U19 Player & Mentor, Abby Lutz

"I found it very nice being a mentee as I got to know my mentor even better, and feel like I had a role model and someone who was there for me for advice about field hockey or anything. Although I was already close with my mentor, I feel like I got even closer with her and learned more about her through setting goals together."- U16 Player & Mentee, Nella Walsh

What to expect as a Mentor

-Put your leadership skills to use
-Sense of pride you are giving back to a youth player in our club
- Regular communication with mentee about practices, skills, time management, college recruiting, nutrition, managing relationships on the team, or anything else
-Possibly sticking around to watch your mentees practice for a bit to offer bits of advice
-Quick weekly touchpoints with Amy 
- One workshop or lesson a season on different topics around how to be a good mentor
-1 hour per week broken down throughout the week as you make touchpoints with your mentee. We will give you a framework to help guide you in your communications with your mentee

What to expect as a Mentee

- Learn from an older athlete tips how they manage their time commitment between school and hockey, the college recruiting process, how to get the most out of your teammates and coaches, nutrition, and anything else!
-Possibly sticking around to watch your mentors practice for a bit to see how they play, and interact with coaches and teammates.
-Quick weekly touchpoints with Amy